Oils Ain’t Oils!!!!

Some years ago a customer came to have an engine replaced as it was noisy, over heating etc, but he had always checked his oil level on a regular basis.

The engine was removed from the vehicle and the sump plug removed to drain excess oil, to our astonishmnet there was not a drop to be seen, this led to the removal of the engine sump for investigation. The sump when removed was full of dried claggy contaminated oil (not unlike cold cooking fat) with just a very small indentation where the dipstick had been pushed in and out and just enough oil in cavity to register full on the dipstick. When discussing this with the customer we found that the intervals between servicing were around 15,000km and was using some cheap no name brand oil. Oils are blended, the major oil companies get it right most times, but the independants buy the base and blend their own not always getting it right. Oil contaminents such as carbon build up very quickly and are very abrasive, this leads to premature engine and / or head failure.

Keeping this in mind please come in and discuss your oil and service requirements with Grant.

We use only quality brand oils to prevent this from happening and we also recommend regular service intervals.